Apple-1 expansion card demo at Maker Faire NYC 2014

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Apple-1 expansion card demo at Maker Faire NYC 2014

So the Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists (MARCH) will be displaying their Apple-1 Mimeo at World Maker Faire in NYC next weekend (Sept 20-21) with a prototype of Wendell Sander's Apple-1 expansion cards. So far I expect minimally to use the serial card with TI silent teletype or ADM-3a.

Here is your opportunity if you are in the area to enjoy the Apple-1 experience. Even if you are a Mimeo or Apple-1 owner you can check out newly created expansion cards for the Apple-1 designed by one of the earliest Apple engineers.

Yes we will also be displaying MARCH's serial#72 Altair 8800 running Microsoft Basic off paper tape. I will be bringing my full Scelbi 8h setup since I didn't make VCF east this year due to being sick and and had a whole exhibit already planned,waste not want not. For those of you not familiar with the Scelbi, it was the first microprocessor based computer you could buy from an ad in a magazine. Mike Willegal has a ton of information and replica parts available just like the Apple-1 Mimeo.

If you do plan on attending, stop by the MARCH exhibit and say hi.