Apple I replica with using USSR components

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Apple I replica with using USSR components

Hi everyone. 
I assemble Apple 1 replica using the maximum USSR components (In the future, 2513 will be replaced by РФ2, MK4096 will be replaced by РУ4, etc).

At the moment I am debugging a video terminal.
There are two problems:
1. The image on the display flashes and moves. It looks like a problem in the monitor used, apparently does not support vertical synchronization of 60 hertz.
Already ordered a new monitor, I hope this will help

2. @_ disappear on the screen within a couple of seconds (are the registers cleared?)
If I remove all 2504, I see @@ and they do not disappear.
Not yet figured out what the problem is.
Has anyone had a similar problem?

Some photos of my replica:


Some times if I turn on/off my AI replica several times, "@_" replaced by "@#".

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That's a really interesting

That's a really interesting project. Please keep us updated.

Please post images and video locally, instead of linking to your google drive. I'd like the content shared here to remain viewable in perpetuity.

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Currently solved all the

Currently solved all the problems described above.

1. The monitor has been changed.
2. The Soviet analog of DS0025 requires a slightly different accompanying circuitry.

I also assembled the processor part and launch the computer.


Big milestone passed. now I will gradually replace the remaining components with Soviet analogs.
The next step will be 32kb RAM on КМ581РУ microcircuits



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