Apple II card and device question.

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Apple II card and device question.

Hello all. I just got an Apple 2 europlus. I never had one. What I don't know is what the following card and device is. If you can help me I will appreciate it. The card is connected with one more mod card that is behind the keyboard. Cables goes to 3 sockets. Rom / ram / and keyboard socket .

The other device is a box socketed directly to game port socket.


I upload pictures in Dropbox. Sorry that I didn't use the media browser but I am from smartphone and it is very difficult.

Here are the photos:



Thank you very much!

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That's a really interesting

That's a really interesting card.

I wonder, since it's plugged into the Character Generator chip socket (and connected to the keyboard encoder), if it's some sort of font modifier for the Greek Alphabet, possibly for a Greek word processor?


But that seems like an awful lot of work to make Greek characters.


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