Apple II GS ADB port issues.

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Apple II GS ADB port issues.

Hi all,Recently, my IIGS started having issues with its ADB port.

It started after swapping my battery holder and battery, which could just be coincidence, as I'm having trouble remembering if the keyboard worked initially after that, and I left it alone for about a week afterwards.

I double checked the battery and realized that a solder pad was missing from the positive terminal on the motherboard, it must have fell out when removing the original battery holder and I just didn't notice somehow.

I tried making a jumper cable to the spot where the positive terminal, but still no luck getting the keyboard to work.

I was originally thinking it was a keyboard issue, but I tried using just the mouse which didn't work either.

I was told to check the ADB filter, but all the points appeared to have continuity.I was also told to check the ADB fuses, but I had trouble determining where they were on the IIGS specifically.Any information anyone can provide helps!

I should probably also state that my IIgs is a ROM 3.