Apple IIc That Ram Test Runs Over and Over

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Apple IIc That Ram Test Runs Over and Over

I have a IIc that now has a ROM4x installed. It previously has a 255 ROM.

With the keyboard unpluged, and then powered on, the Ram test starts.

But is never finishes. The System OK message does not appear. 

Before this, there wer 3 bad ram chips I replaces with sockets and previously testing good ram chips.

When I plug in a good keyboard and then run the Ram test, I get the System OK message.

Do I need to worry about this?



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Are you sure the screen doesn

Are you sure the screen doesn't quickly flash the OK message and then restart the test? It's been quite a while since I had a keyboard unplugged (and it was a IIe), but I seem to recall it just quickly flashed the OK message and it then repeated the test over and over. But I could be misremembering. 

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Hi KLund1!

I'm not sure, haven't run this test in years but it seems to me that this test only outputs an error message, and if everything is normal it can repeat indefinitely.

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Apple IIc RAM test running forever if no keyboard attached

This is normal behaviour.


If you did not plug in a keyboard, the RAM test will never be left.


I think this is intentional, to be able to run the naked Apple IIc motherboard with only a power cable attached in the production line end test (for the motherboards alone).


So don't worry. Next step would be to try to boot DOS 3.3 from floppy disk and to run a full diagnostics suite.


I use a piece of cardboard between the keyboard and the motherboard to avoid shorts when running Apple IIc outside of the shell.


- Uncle Bernie

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Ok, Thaanks evferyone.All


 Thaanks evferyone.

All this input is very helpful.

Very much appricated.

The people here are always most kind to my nube questions.

I will probably have more I'll post in new threads

Thanks again!

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