Apple IIgs won't read anything but 5.25 floppy

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Apple IIgs won't read anything but 5.25 floppy

What is the cause of this symptom?


Started ealier today.  My iigs now refused to see/communicate with or in any way acknowledge the existence of any drive with a format above 5.25 140k.


I have floppy emu.  Smartport drive is no longer working. The computer says "no device detected" or maybe it is "check startup device".  Or both at different times.


That is with floppy emu in 3.5" emulation mode or smartdisk mode. 


When I boot up with a 3.5" drive attached, it can not see it at all. No access light comes on.  I checked the slots in control panel and they are all default.


Floppy emu works fine when I flash it over to mac emu mode and it boots up just fine.  So I know it isn't the floppy emu.


For whatever reason my IIgs decided it is done with anything OTHER than the 5.25 stuff.


Floppy emu in 5.25 mode it works fine.  Loaded up a few games.


Removed floppy emu and used my 5.25 physical drive with a bootable disk, no problem.


I use ADTPro to boot it up with 5.25 drive plugged in, it sees it just fine.


I try that with a 3.5 drive and it doesn't see it.


I removed the battery just in case it was bad and causing things to freak out. It was low at .3 volts.  So I snipped it out until I can replace it.


I left it unplugged for 30 minutes or so and tried it again just in case .. nothing different.


I don't know what else to do other than replace the motherboard but the only one I can find is almost as much as a iigs complete. 


If I could find a IWM chip I would change it out but you can only find them on other wise dead boards so if you have one btw, I need it :)


Hoping for someone to come to my rescue.  Thanks!