Apple Lisa 620-6103 PSU Cap Question

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Apple Lisa 620-6103 PSU Cap Question
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Hello all!


I want to recap a Lisa PSU.

Is there a BOM or list of correct caps for this PSU? I could not find one with google.

If not, there are 6 2200uf 16v caps. 4 are the same, but two are smaller in size, and differnt color. The only differnace I see to a HF printed. Does this mean high frequence? If so, how do I order this cap frfom digi-key. They do not have a HF option that I can see.

A little help, please?


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You are on your own.Her is a

You are on your own.

Her is a boost for you: (they don't have capacitors kit s for Lisa-s)


For the 2200uF, maybe this is a good fit, but I haven't verified it: Nichicon UPJ1C222MHD6



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The Panasonic HF series were

The Panasonic HF series were low-ESR types for switching power supplies. A replacement from any line with reasonably low ESR will do fine.

If these are the original capacitors from the Apple factory, it's notable that no expense was spared here. Panasonic and Nippon Chemi-Con 105°C rated components were (are still) the best available in a radial package. With adequate airflow, an expected life of 10,000 operating hours or more is possible for these caps. I bet they are still serviceable if properly reformed (details elsewhere on this site).

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