#Apple2 #FujiNet bring-up status report 2022-01-22

Hello, everyone. 

As some of you know, I'm the public face of the #FujiNet project, which is a wireless network adapter that originally was designed for the #Atari8bit systems, and is being brought forward to more systems, including the #Apple2, with the goal of reaching every 8-bit computer and game console by the end of the decade.

It provides:

  • Virtual disk (block) devices, of which said blocks can either be used from disk images residing on the local SD card, or over the network to file servers.
  • Virtual printer, providing PDF printing capabilities to a variety of printer emulations. Print to the device, and pick up in the web interface.
  • Virtual Modem, a Hayes AT compatible WiFi modem is provided in the firmware.
  • A protocol-offloaded Network Adapter, acting akin to a mainframe I/O processor, converting network protocols like TCP, UDP, HTTP/S, FTP, TNFS, SMB, TELNET, SSH, and others into a nice clean I/O channel that the target system can understand and read at its leisure.
  • As implied above in the list, the device provides support for encrypted I/O sockets such as those exposed over TLS and SSH.
  • Also provided for the network adapter, are a pair of parsers for XML and JSON, which are accessible from the I/O channels, to easily parse such data.

All of this comes together, to not only provide a usable super-peripheral, but opens up a whole new set of networked possibilities to bring the #Apple2 (and other systems) into the 21st century.


As for non-technical matters: the entire project is public. We release all materials for our hardware, firmware, and software, so that anyone can build or use what is created. We intend to work with the #Apple2 and other communities to ensure that this device is usable and extensible by all. Now and forever.


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Apple2 Bring-up status report 2022-01-22:




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