Apple's new products from "Peek Performance" - My thoughts

Honestly, I haven't tuned in until the Mac Studio got announced. However, I would like to share my thoughts on the new products.

The new iPhone SE, while seemingly having its shell unchanged for nearly a decade, has been decked out with an A15! This is an incredible value considering how much iPhones cost in general, but I find that the old design encourages more stagnation than progression in some aspects. If you are coming from an iPhone SE to say, an iPhone 13, it may be difficult to adjust to the new UI which has pretty much become a standard in mainline iPhones. Obviously this is an absolute given, but it feels like we're going back a few years.

The iPad Air seems interesting, especially with an M1 processor. Goes to show how an "older" chip like that really holds up. I'm honestly half-expecting a die-shrunk M1 in the next iPhone /hj. Aside from that, it is pretty much largely unchanged from the last generation iPad air aside from a new processor.

The Mac Studio seems awfully interesting to me, as it manages to run circles around the current Intel Mac Pro! Obviously Apple's statistics barely have enough information, but this tells us something. I also love how they brought back useful ports, and even managed to use a 3-prong power port that's the exact type of the one seen on the iMac G4. The M1 ultra is supposedly an absolute BEAST of a chip; would be interesting to see a new ARM Mac Pro now... maybe dual processors will make a comeback? Also, it's weird how we're still using the M1 name... I'm no expert, but are we using the M1 as a base for these chips? Also, new studio display, this time without the most fragile monitor stand in the world.

I'm no expert with anything Apple after 2012 or so, but all this seems pretty cool. Just wanted to share my thoughts on these new products, and hopefully this encourages others to do so as well.



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