Best way to open an Apple IIC - just drop it!

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Best way to open an Apple IIC - just drop it!

Another public service announcement.  I've been refurbishing a lot of Apple IIc's lately and they all have a lot of screwdriver/tool marks around the case where people were poking and prodding and levering (and therefore damaging) their case to open up their Apple IIc cases.  iFixIt page is wrong, don't listen to them.  Stop it people!  There's an easier, tool-free way to instantly pop open your Apple IIc case:

Open the handle, lift up the back of the unit 6", and drop it.

What?!  Drop my Apple IIc and let gravity slam it against a table???  Yes.  If you remove the six case holding screws from the bottom side, and then open your  carrying handle, and set up the computer like it would normally sit, and then lift up the rear of the computer where the handle is about 6" vertically, and then just plain drop the back side so the handle pops against the table, the top case will pop right off.  The handle hits the table and pushes up/pops against the rear top clamshell and pops it loose nicely.   No more toolmarks.  Thanks to some dude on iFixIt who posted this tip in the comments on the iFixIt repair page.  Your mileage may very.  If you have a better method do please share!