BitScope mount for iMac

I've owned a BitScope BS10 for a few years, using it primarily as a logic analyzer. I recently bought the probe adapter, which makes it easier to connect standard probes, and more convenient to use as an oscilloscope.



The setup is a bit flimsy, so I designed a bracket that would allow me to mount the BS10 to my iMac.



The iMac on my workbench is a 2007, so it's nice and thick (if you can call 1.5 inches "thick"). I was initially thinking about taping it to the case, but looking at the holes on the bottom of the case, there wasn't a whole lot behind them. So I drilled two over-sized mounting holes in the Bitscope bracket, lined it up with two of the holes in the case, and attached the bracket with sheet metal screws.



The probe adapter is held securely, with the BS10 hanging off the back.





STL and OpenSCAD file is attached.

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