CFF1A + Ciderpress + Software Loading

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CFF1A + Ciderpress + Software Loading


I'm trying to run a number of old software titles on an Apple 1 (Mike Willegal's Apple 1 Mem Test, Microchess, Wumpus among other).  I have a number of components which I belive should let me do this but I'm having trouble with one step.  My preferred source for the data is a CFF1A card plugged into the expansion slot of the A1.  From my reading of the CFF1A manual, I believe that, when hooked up to the A1, the CFF1A can format the CF card in ProDOS format from its own firmware.   I also understand that a program called Ciderpress running on the PC can move the programs onto the CF card.


Can anyone who has experience with Ciderpress shed some light on how this step is done? (Transferring the software onto the card in a manner that will be readable)  I've reviewed the Ciderpress documentation found on their site but it seems primarily oriented toward Apple II use.


In researching, I've found a number of references to .po images, but the software that I'm trying to run are .txt files with hex code.  Is there a step that needs to be done to convert these hex code programs into the .po format?


Any help much appreciated.



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I personally only own the

I personally only own the Apple II version which has a USB in addition to the CF card where the USB drive is FAT, but reviewed the docs for the Apple-1 CF adapter.  


FYI: Ciderpress let’s you read your ProDOS image on the cf card  and you can copy files to and from that image  but you need to have a PC interface for your  CF card for that.   Also I’m not sure how the Apple I files are actually stored.  


The easier option is to load software either over a serial keyboard adapter like Mike Willegal’s PS/2 adapter which also has serial input and then save onto the CF card directly on the mimeo.  If you make an adapter to allow the CF adapter to plug into the side expansion or have a multi slot adapter for the mimeo the ACI can coexist with the CF adapter and you can load off iPod and then save to CF card.   I’ve seen people do that since unlike the Apple II you don’t have potentially 1000’s of programs to manage loading.  

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