Copies of "The Applesoft Tutorial"

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Copies of "The Applesoft Tutorial"

I have found myself teaching a computers class (something that falls outside my regular purview) as a result of staff shortages at my school, and I'm wanting to introduce coding to the kids using BASIC. The trouble is, there really was never a good curriculum to follow for something like this because BASIC as a language isn't commonly taught anymore and I feel like most of the teachers that WOULD have taught BASIC all created their own stuff anyway.

So, after some digging and reading online, I've found that Apple's own Applesoft Tutorial book is a really solidly-written volume, but the only version that seems to be commonly available second-hand is the original Apple II version. has another version scanned that's clearly for the later ProDOS-based versions, but it's a mediocre scan, and I can't seem to find this version as a hardcopy anywhere. I would really like to get my hands on several copies so that my classroom can use them if they exist anywhere.

I suppose, lacking enough physical copies, I could scan a good one in and just print off copies myself, but at 308 pages, I'd burn through 3 reaoms of paper to make 10 manuals. 

Would anyone here happen to have spare copies of the IIe or IIc versions of this book that they might be willing to part with, either for classroom use or so that I can scan in the IIc version for reprinting myself?

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You can find them on eBay:

You can find them on eBay:

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