Datanetics Rev B Keyboard set

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Datanetics Rev B Keyboard set

In case, you are not a member of the Apple 1 or Apple II enthuisiats facebook groups, I am selling a redesigned Datanetics Rev B keyboard in a fully assembled and plug-n-play set.


While the circuit board is electronically identical to the original Datanetics Rev B keyboard, I modified the circuitry such that the board takes Cherry MX switches instead. The keycaps are modern replacement and the legends are applied using thermal sublimation process and they are durable according to the one who make these for me. I have created two small adapters which will allow clear screen and system reset in either Byte shop case style (button on the right of spacebar as clear screen and first button from the right on the 3rd row as Reset) or Apple II style (button at the top right corner as Reset,  first button from the right on the 2rd row as clear screen). I also made a replacement to substitue the original MM5740AAE/N encoder.


Price is $150 plus shipping for the set you see. This include the keyboard, spare keycaps, adapter boards, cable, and keycap remover. Each set is made to order as I don't prefer to carry inventory. Please DM if you are interested such that I can put you on the wait list and will contact if your set is ready.