Type : PDQ PowerBook G3 Series II

Processor : 300 MHz PPC 750

OS : OS 9.2.1 - CarbonLib 1.6

RAM : 512 MB SDRAM (256 MB lower / 256 MB Upper)

Graphics: ATI Rage LT Pro



#|----- Monitor -----|----- Connection -----|----- Notes -----
1|(unused)|VGA port|...
.|------------ Serial-ATA -------------|--------------- Location ----------------|-------- Notes --------
M|60GB Fujitsu|internal bay|Recovered from my long-dead IceBook/Powerbook G4
S|(unused)|internal bay|These fancy, newer, slimmer drives can actually allow two devices to go in there. If only I had a custom board to connect them to the existing ribbon cable...
#|--- Expansion Bay Modules ---|--------------- Model -------------------|------------ Notes ------------
1|Floppy Drive|Apple 825-4156-A|.
2|Zip 100 Drive|VST ZIPG3|.
3|SuperDisk Drive (LS120)|VST LSG3|.
4|DVD ROM (2x)|Apple M4743|Matshita-DVD SR-8182
#|------------ PC Cards -------------|--------------- Model -------------------|------------ Notes ------------
1|DVD-Video PC Card|Apple M5163|.
2|Iogear 4-Port USB 2.0/Firewire Cardbus (GUF202)|.|.



================================ Fun Notes ================================

1. Named drives after major planets in our system.

2. 1 TB USB drive attached via Tempo Trio card (named "Jupiter")

3. Thumb drives attached are named after minor planets, including "Ceres", "Haumea" and "Pluto"

4. "Mercury" is not installed yet but may come later if I get a power splitter and feel like risking it - all power points are taken at this time.

5. Scanner needs a place on desk.

6. Epson Stylus 850 Ne needs place on desk.

7. Newton is still running strong and waiting to be synched for MadMax/iTunes...


================================ Issues ===================================<

1. Speakable Items is not working - tried everything I know to try...

2. Not able to get system to recognize WiFi card inserted into Belkin CardBus adapter.

3. Case seems to be cool and have decent enough air flow ATT. No noticed power issues with all the hardware currently installed.

4. Need to hook up second CRT and see if it is good.

5. Need to see if third CRT (with bad power switch, now hardwired to be "on") will ever resolve synch issue. May actually chuck this thing.