ESR Measurement cheap module for amateurs at capacitors

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ESR Measurement cheap module for amateurs at capacitors

Hello AF-members,

In relation to replacement of capacitors often the authors mention
the ESR value as criteria for capacitor selection - at ebay cheap
solution is availiable.

That modules are offered in general as Transistor testers,
but they also offer rather fair and easy measurement of
ESR value of a capacitor.

The modules are offered at prices between aaprox. 20 USD and 30 USD from
various sellers in China. I have made a page that displays such a module and
also contains a kind of "mini-manual" with bunches of pictures explaining the
use of that module.

In fact that module ( that might also be found in google as: fish8840 )
was formerly created by German guy about a year ago at the platform
at and later copied by a guy in China.

In fact its a module for several kinds of automated measurements by a AT-Mega chip.
It´s fairly capable of detecting and measureing transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors,
inductors and coils and it also has a area for measureing SMD-devices ...
It´s able to detect and indicate if Transistors are of NPN or PNP type and display the correct oder of the pins
E,B.C or S,D.G.
If you want to get more infos visit my page at:
where all kinds of availiable measurements are displayed.

At the bottom of the page there is a manual with high res pictures as PDF-file for download availiable
due to the fact that the module is often sold without any kind documentation at all.

By picture and by name you might be able to identify the current offers and sellers at ebay.

In the manual there is also a mod explained that cuts down drastic the waste
of battery power and make environmental saving sense.

sincerely speedyG