GSLABS 4MB but "Not enough Ram?

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GSLABS 4MB but "Not enough Ram?

Hi all! It was a long hard struggle, but on my IIgs Woz edition I learned and then:

-Updated the 30+ year old battery

-Added 4MB RAM via GGLABS

-CFFA3000 upgrade!!! NICE!!

-Updated the ROM from zero  to version one.


SO today, I was testing and some IIGS games  of  .2MG files and got error messages about RAM. I thought  "no commercial  software  goes beyond  4MB let alone REACHES that so what gives?" I then saw one one game the error message seemed to indicate I had too MUCH- not too little ram. My minimum and maximum settings were set to full tilt so I brought the minimum down to 512KB and the game loaded.  So it works, but what are the optimal settings to really make this Woz edition finally soar?


Also, any other upgrades to suggest?  The transwarp may be cool but for the price I'd need a big justification as to why to buy it.  I'm not familiar enough with the Apple line's sound options to know if  I should improve that too.