Headless eMac questions

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Headless eMac questions

Okay, I actually have some projects I wanted to finish, but had to put them on the back burner (restoring an Amiga 2000 video toaster with barrel rot (leaking barrel battery, got the old one off, it boots and works otherwise, added a button battery to it)

So, my questions for an eMac, and a bondi blue iMac:

1. Can I use an IDE to S-ATA adapter and make a S-ATA HD (Have loads of these laying around, only one or two 7200 IDE drives) work with either the headless eMac and/or iMac: The only reason I ask, is that I've been scouring the Internet since last year and haven't found a definitive answer as of yet and now rely on the experts at Apple Fritter, the same with the following questions.

2. Can I use the same button battery upgrade, which has a straight through ground or - side, and a protected positive + side to prevent overcharging damage on an Amiga, or should I just get a new battery same style for the eMac. I bought three of these battery kits, because they are inexpensive and come with a new Maxell Lithium Battery CR2032 3V, turns out that one of my Amiga 2000's will not need the upgrade as the "barrel rot" has done way too much damage to the board. I was going to use the third in an old Leading Edge 80386 that I was going to fix up to transfer old software formats between it and various other projects (Atari STFM, Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000, Apple IIe, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, TI 99/4A, and a Sinclair 1000), but it too had been taken by "barrel rot" and was too far eaten up to do anything with.

3. I can't seem to find the actual information "nailed down" as to how to wire an ATX PSU to the eMac, I've found where someone used one of the Molex connectors, but it short changes the voltage to the FireWire port, I have plenty of ATX PSUs that aren't powerful enough for my desktop units, but would be more than enough for the eMac, but I want to cut the MB connector off and use that to power the eMac, not the voltage robbing Molex. I have the momentary button switch for the power on, and shorting the two wires to make an ATX PSU work down pat, just need an actual nudge in the right direction. I've got all the pin-outs, but I'm not an electrical genius so a few pointers here would help.

4. Hooking up a DSUB Female connector for video, the instructions I've found show how to cut the end of a VGA cable off and wire it in directly, but I'm going to be putting this in a PC case, and paint the case in some crazy Apple related color scheme, I have the sand paper, primer and paint ready, just have to find a "booth" when I get the internals going. But do I basically hook the Female up in reverse as to what the cable would have been?

The rest I have figured out, I'm going to de-solder the ports from the board, and wire up suitable replacements that will "bolt" to the back of the PC case I'm using, so that I can install the mainboard in the PC case for the best fit possible. I promise to take pictures as I go along, I even have a legal copy of the CD version of the OS installation ready for both the iMac HD upgrade, and the eMac resurrection. I'll get my Macinstien back from my brother as well so that I can go back an post the "finished" pictures that I never posted. I used the original PSU from a bondi blue, and fit it all in a full tower AT/XT PC computer case.