hello,I want to ask franklin ace 1200

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hello,I want to ask franklin ace 1200

recently,I find the apple II clone motherboard.I know this bid has been posted for a long time.I watched the picture yesterday,I discovered this motherboard include 16pin keyboard and II e keyboard interfacce.but I am not sure with joysitck interface too.so I ask every cyberfriends,how aobut this motherboard,I interest it.

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Re: hello,I want to ask franklin ace 1200

I think what you are wanting to know/ask does the Franklin Ace 1200 have a 16 pin joystick interface socket? Like the Apple II. Looking at the pictures of one, I would say yes do to the location. Back near the slots. Location J - 8. More like J - 8.5. But it is black not like apple's white one.



I think this is what you were trying to ask.

Have a 1000 packed away.

Take care

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Re: hello,I want to ask franklin ace 1200

hello twilight-rodent,
sorry to correct a lapsus, but to me the connector you refer to at row H looks more like the 16pin-gameconnector - but i am not familiar with the franklin - so i´m not sure to my guess....
is that really the connector for the keyboard ? i´d rather guess the connector to be in the A-row ....

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