How to: DIY changing the APPLE ][ title (part 2)

Here comes the followup to my original article on how to change the "Apple ][" title.

It describes how to change that familiar title to something else (i.e. "Coconut" or "Orange 2").


Among my old notes there was an article in "Computers and Electronics" magazine (Nov 1983, page 58-60) which not only described the entire process, but also added some cool tricks like using inverted or flashing characters in the title. It also shows how to convert the character generator ROM socket which, depending on your machine, might be useful information.

NOTE: I did NOT write the magazine article and take no credit for it!


After a little searching I actually found the entire magazine available online!

You can read it online or download in various formats from the Internet archive, but for your convenience the individual pages are shown below.