IIci, IIsi and Centris 650 resale advice

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IIci, IIsi and Centris 650 resale advice

Hello All and thank you in advance for any help you may provide. Let me start with the facts. I have 3 complete (docs, warranty registration cards, stickers, books, disks and all cables) Apple computers. IIci works perfectly as does the Centris 650. The IIsi we are working on getting started. One Apple RGB monitor and 2 (one never been used or un boxed) Extended Keyboards. I am writing this on behalf of a friend who has had these computers since they were new and as he bought a newer model he carefully put them all back in their original boxes with their disks and docs and has not touched them for the last 20+ years! He would now like to sell them and he would like some advice on which of the three IIci,IIsi and Centris 650 would be worth the most as a complete package as he only has one monitor. Also believe there is a Personal LaserWriter NT somewhere in the mix as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!