IIgs with many floppy drives

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IIgs with many floppy drives

Advance apologies if my searching wasn’t thorough enough.

i have a IIgs with two 3.5 drives and two 5.25 drives daisy-chained to the 19-pin external drive port.

theres a CF “hard drive” in slot 7, and I’m trying to connect a Floppy Emu drive emulating a third 3.5 drive. The Floppy Emu doesn’t have a daisy chain port, so I’m looking for advice as to where and how to connect it.


is there an internal disk connection that won’t interfere with the 4 daisy chained drives? Does a controller card exist to add additional 3.5 drives separate from the daisy chain? (If so, which slot would be most appropriate?)


thanks in advance!

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There's not an easy way to

There's not an easy way to have all that connected. It's pretty much one or the other. I don't know if the Floppy emu was ever fixed or any adapter was made so that it can work as a daisy-chained device at all.  http://www.bigmessowires.com/2015/04/09/more-fun-with-apple-iigs-disks/


You could add a disk II card in slot 6 and use the control panel to change between built-in and "your card" in that slot, but you won't be able to make all the drives work at once... that would disable at least the 5.25" drives and possibly all the drives, and the disk II card doesn't do 3.5" drives. There were some 3.5" disk controllers made, but they are very rare and expensive.


You might be able to put a disk II card in another slot other than 5 or 6 and make it work, but I've never tried. I think you will confuse most software doing that.


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