iisi Boot Issues (J16)

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iisi Boot Issues (J16)

Hello everyone I was hoping someone here could help me figure this out. So if you look at J16 on a iisi it is unused I figured that maybe I could use it as a more reliable means for other speakers because it shared continuity with the same pins as the speaker/led contacts underneath the board. well I thought I had hooked everything up correctly and well I got a click noise from the speaker and the LED works but I got either no image or a blue screen, also I had no distinct sad Mac or normal Mac booting noises. However, the iisi turns on and the fans spin, and the floppy drive works, and even the SCSI HDD spins up and runs. But then again no picture, no sound nothing. I have tried everything and yes the capacitors are okay. I even tried diagnosing issues with my TechStep. I didn't look at the schematics before I did this but I have included the schematics for the iisi below and the configuration I used to test J16. Any help is greatlly appreciated.