Lisa 2 software

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Lisa 2 software
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One of my friends -- the really lucky one -- just picked up a very nice Lisa 2/5. Although it did require emergency surgery to remove the four cancerous nickel-cadmium timebombs oozing away right above the motherboard, the computer boots up without a hitch and has passed all its tests so far. Even the ST-506 in the ProFile drive seems fine, in its own incredibly audible way. The only problem is that Lisa didn't bring any floppies with her, and my friend doesn't have a system that can access the Internet and write to 3.5" 400K floppies. (Neither do I, but then I also don't have a Lisa...) The floppy drive's status remains a mystery. All we know is that it hasn't had a meal in years.

So I'm trying to help a brother out by finding someone with a few extra SSDD floppies who'd be willing to copy some programs onto them and drop them in the mail. He'll compensate you for your time, your disks, and the postage, of course. Thanks...