Looking for iMac G3 style arcade stick

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Looking for iMac G3 style arcade stick

I am working on a project to use an iMac G3 case as an enclosure for a 15 inch LCD panel and a Raspberry Pi. The iMac had already been salvaged for parts by the time I got it and the CRT was in disrepair.

I would love to have some USB arcade controls that match the style of the case and I was wondering if any ever existed - third party of course. I'd rather go that route than building my own simply for the sake of aesthetics.

The lack of info on the net leads me to believe there were none, but I figured I'd ask here.


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Re: Looking for iMac G3 style arcade stick

MacAlly built one that was electronically well functioning, aesthetically appealing, and was Bondi Blue. Unfortunately the internal structure was rather weak, and I went through two of them before pulling it apart and finding the design flaw. I started to mold the parts in question in metal (low temp, 360F) to make replacements, but lost interest. The electronics were fine if you care to make a better mechanism.

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