I have recreated the manual for the Mockingboard sound card, it is a PDF, recreated means it's totally new not a scan, if there is any interest in this I can upload it here.


Mockingboard Users Guide v1.1 2022.pdf


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New versions of manuals are always appreciated.



I would love to see it.  I have a Mockingboard kit coming, hopefully it gets here soon.


While I use a RM Phasor, I would still find it of interest. Thanks.

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I have a mocking board clone.


I would like the manual





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Once I finish some small bits I will upload it, it may have some errors, so if anyone finds any, you can message me, the whole thing is based on actually material so any mock card or clone should be covered,....

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This PDF started in 2000, as a txt, then was converted to a word file in 2018, then as you see it now as a PDF in 2022, 22 years in the making. It's called version 1.0, and when and if any errors are found, then it becomes a new PDF version 1.1, you get the idea. The fonts used are much the same as the original manual, plus other logos once used by the maker of the original sound card.

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Much appreciated!  Nice job on it, BTW.

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It was made with Word, big mistake there, then pages added from Illustrator, if I ever get the time redo it all over with InDesign, better space optimization, however compared to nothing, it's a Rembrandt.

MS-Word's PDF output is truly horrendous.  LibreOffice isn't perfect, but I've had better luck working with PDFs created by it than any Microsoft product.



Oh...  and regardless of how it was created...  Thanks for posting it.



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The original document was in Word, then converted to Word 2016 which to my surprise has very limited open type support, no support for Adobe this and that, no idea if new versions of Word have fixed these problems, however anyone with any knowledge on how InDesign works doesn't use word except for the bottom feeder requirements.

I don't have Indesign, I don't think it runs on Linux and I don't have Windows or a recent Mac (iMac G3 500 is newest).  I use Master PDF Editor which has a version for Linux (and those other OSes too).



LibreOffice seems to support OpenType, TTF or Type 1 fonts OK.


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According to Adobe they will never support Linux for their top apps, with 1.2 billion Windows computers out there I see their point of view.


I will have to try Libre Office since it's free why not?

Adobe and Microsoft can both go blank themselves.   Master PDF Editor does a great job and it is less expensive than Adobe's product.  If for some reason I had to use an Adobe product I'd buy a Mac before I'd send one penny to Redmond.


The 'cloud' (mostly runs Linux) and mobile devices (most of which run a *nix style kernel including both Android and iOS) will eventually make Windows die.  Die Microsoft, die.


Adobe is on the wrong side of history.


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Adobe is a company like any other, money greed, the same old old, if tomorrow someone came out with better programs than what Adobe sells I'd switch, I just use what works no matter who is peddling it.

As far as Microsoft goes, they hold so many patents in so many places, even though they don't stand up front like Apple when it comes to cell phones, however Microsoft makes money on every single mobile sold no matter who sells it due to patents, according to one source something like $1.50 - $2.00 for every one of them, doesn't seem like alot, but when you consider they don't have to do anything, and the sure number of phones sold, it's basically raining money.

Every company from IBM to Microsoft to Apple, once they have a supreme position in a market, they become super greedy, arrogant and control freaks.

No matter who you buy your technical toys from all those big companies play the same book, greed, smoke and mirrors, which is why I don't love or hate any of them because they all dance to the same tune, in business there is no good guy or bad guy, just winners and losers.






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Hi Khaibitgfx,

You've done a tremendous job ! Thanks for this.

One minor correction though : all the links to ReactiveMicro are bad. Just remove /Public and you'll be good :-)

Keep up the good work !



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New updated version 1.1.

It not only has the links fixed but the body of text has had it spacing changed, better legibility for the most part, some other minor changes as well. Any other errors or omissions will mean v 1.2 if any are found