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I've been involved with electronics since graduating high school. (early '70s)
Bought my first Apple ][+ in 1981. I had just landed a job in R&D at an industrial print manufacturer.
My experience was in TTL design, but I never had the chance to design using Microprocessors. I was
learning Intel MCS-48 code so this paralleled my Apple ][ programming experience.
At that time, I had a new house, new car, married with my first child so I had to make due with the 48K Apple.
Necessity being the mother of invention, (and copying!) I hand-build my first ROM board from Apple's Integer
Basic ROM board, then took on a video card among a few others. All hand built. My first monitor was a Sony
TV that I converted to a monitor, and a cassette drive that I used for over a year. Eventually, all evolved
and I was able to accumulate a full setup.

I've always held on to my equipment, but (starting about) 10 years ago I started collecting Apple ][ hardware.
I've avoided "buying" anything except Apple ][ plus hardware, but I've been able to accumulate a pretty
impressive collection of ALL Apple hardware up to and including the color Classic. I might be dreaming,
but I believe I've accumulated one of the largest collections of Apple ][ Hardware in all of New England.

A couple years ago I was able to build up a replica Apple 1. (Mike Willegal version)
This is my pride and joy. ;)

I'm just a few years from retirement, so my goal will be to start reversing my collection and
develop a smaller collection of hardware I can truly enjoy. Maybe even finish some of the
hardware developments I started and never completed.


Apple 1 and II computer hardware
Other computer-related hardware projects
Italian sports cars. (restoration) :)

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Sr. Software Engineer
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New Hampshire


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