Need help identifying boards

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Need help identifying boards
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Hello All
This is my first post here. i mostly creep these forums as i dont have a working apple 2 but i'm interested in anything about computer history.
needless to say i found a bunch of apple two parts at a local thrift store and would like to identify and possibly sell them.
most of the time i do arcade and pinball stuff and repairs so i repair those pcbs all the time so i have a rom burner and reader if any of these are very obscure i can copy the eproms if needed to preserve there data.
i believe most of this stuff is clone but would appreciate any input about them!
i have 3 clone NOS apple 2 main boards. they are all identical to apple ones but not labeled at all and have what looks to be added traces on the bottom, possibly from a revision. they are super clean more than likely never been used.
there are also a bunch of cards. if someone can tell me what they are.

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Re: Need help identifying boards

Redstone generic clone of the Apple II+. I don't know much else about these clones to comment. Check --

Space Z80 co-processor board. Everybody and their momma made Z-80 CPM boards.
Serial card. I suspect this would be a prototype.

See photo 1-1

Microsoft 16K Ramcard. Doesn't have LED's in their holders. May be a super early version. Maybe an illegal clone. May have been modded or repaired. Either way this is Microsoft's first ever piece of hardware marketed to the consumer.

Some kind of direct connect modem. Perhaps 300 baud.

Provides no additional information beyond what photo 3 does.

16K memory board. Has fonts and board color suspiciously similar to the 16K Microsoft Ramcard

Redstone / NPH 80-column card. A generic clone design probably marketed by several other lesser-known obscure companies also. See -- -- for the NPH version.

Are any of these ebay-super-ultra-$$$-rare material? I doubt it unless you come across a fanatic wanting precisely what you have.

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Re: Need help identifying boards

I'll give you $20 for the lot and add it to my expanding colllection of everything ][

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Re: Need help identifying boards

Photo 2-1 is a copy of the original Apple II Comm Card. They even got the trace routing very close!

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Re: Need help identifying boards

thanks for all the help.
im gonna donate a few of these to a friend who owns a computer museum up here and wanted to do a clone display and will prob sell the rest.

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