Orginal Apple 1 cassette card..any idea how rare or worth?

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Orginal Apple 1 cassette card..any idea how rare or worth?

I have an original Apple I cassette card. I know it is original because I got it like 20 plus years ago, before replicas. To the best of my knowledge anyway.


Anyone know how rare such original cassette apple 1 cards are? Or an idea of what they might be worth?


Thanks. Now all I have to do is find the puppy in my rubbermaid cache of apple ii stuff piled in the attic (groan)




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Hi Brad,

Hi Brad,

The offer I made via FB Messenger still stands. Most/all of the original Apple-1 owners on this forum have an ACI...I’m the odd man out as far as I can tell. Probably means I’ll be the most motivated prospective buyer you’ll find.

Rgds, -Jimmy

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If anyone comes across an

If anyone comes across an orignal ACI manual, I could use one of those.  




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Apple-1 related items

Indeed, a good opportunity to mention again that I am interested in all Apple-1 items. 

  • Apple-1 mainboards, ACI, manuals, ads , price lists etc. 
  • 1976's keyboards, transformers, Byte Shop cases
  • Date-correct chips 

Everything about Apple II Rev. 0 is welcome as well. 


Just send me a personal mail or contact me by email (just go to the Apple-1 Registry and click on contact). 




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