Original M0001 Macintosh with Accessories

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Original M0001 Macintosh with Accessories

Hello all,


Recently I've come into posession of an original 128K that I'd like to sell or trade. I am not a Mac collector, so looking to pass it along to someone who will use it.


It's not perfect, but working condition. It is very yellowed

Original M0001

Original keyboard and Mouse

Original external floppy drive

Original "Test Drive the Macintosh" Black Carrying Case (was this a promotion?)


The unit powers on and works fine. The screen is still bright and clear.


I put in an old System disk with Z-Term on it. The disk boots and runs fine, but the eject mechanism does not work so now I cannot remove the disk, so it will need some work on the eject mechanism of which the repair is documented online all over the place (common issue and easily 3-D printable part if it is broken).


I have not opened it- I don't have the right Torx driver and don't want to nick the case prying it open anyway. 


Open to offers or trades. Again I am not a Mac guy, but I've seen these go for less than $200 and over $800. I would guess this is in the middle somewhere? Because of yellowing, I would guess on low side. I cannot find a serial number...




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rittwage wrote:and don't want

rittwage wrote:

and don't want to nick the case prying it open anyway. 

Well good, because you're not supposed to pry the case open anyway. ;-)

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