PC Transporter rolling video issue. Any ideas?

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PC Transporter rolling video issue. Any ideas?

Hey, all.


So I've got my PC Transporter installed in slot 7 of my IIgs ROM03, connected to an AppleColor RGB monitor by way of the ColorSwitch. And although all Apple II graphics modes display perfectly fine thru this connection, whenever the PC Transporter is engaged and switches to MS-DOS, the video starts rolling up the screen. Adjusting the VHOLD of the monitor does not fix the issue. Before anyone asks: Yes, I have slot 7 set to "Your Card" and I have tried using different slots.


Has anyone else had this issue and if so, do you have any suggestions for me?


Other than this severe problem, the PC Transporter is working fine: I can use DOS, I can run programs and games in CGA mode, et Cetera, and it passes its diagnostics too.


Thanks in advance,

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Check the resistance values

Check the resistance values across each resistor on the ColorSwitch card.


If you have a normal CGA/EGA monitor and the cable for the Transwarp, see if it outputs video properly on that. This can help to eliminate if the issues is the ColorSwitch itself, and is a video output issue onthe PC Transporter. 


I haven't used a PCT in 30 years, although I own two of them. :/

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