A portable Apple 1

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A portable Apple 1

Hi all,

I'm currently working on an exhibition with my computers collection, and I was wondering how I could display the apple 1 replica in a way that would make sense for a novice audience (because a pcb is just a pcb... nothing interesting there if you don't know more). As a spectator, I hate having to read a book size equivalent of stodgy displayed text and cartels. 

And scrolling through the apple 1 registry, I came accross the #26 which is in a briefcase, and thought "that brings it closer to a laptop external form, that helps!"

I didn't want to try to make an exact replica of it, but to make a "likely" way it would have been done at the time, with what I have on the shelves (plus a $3 late 70's breifcase from the thrift store).

The power switch is on the cord. I used the triad transformers from the official documentation. Since I'm in France and here we have 220V, I plug both apple1 and cctv on a big dual plug 800W 220V->110V toroidal tranformer I already had for old japanese and US videogames.

I'm satisfied with the result, and it's also a good way to keep it protected from dust.

And here are the pictures:

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Looks awesome!

Looks awesome!

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Hi, Ben_Aveline!

Very neat work, I like it!

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