Possible Apple IIe spanish ROM.

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Possible Apple IIe spanish ROM.

Hi everybody!I recently bought an Apple IIe with the "keyboard switch" underneath, spanish keyboard and -I guess, help me if I'm not correct- SPANISH video and keyboard ROM's. They are labeled "341-0155 revB" for the keyboard and the video ROM is "341-0165 revB" and is mounted in a small daugther board called "AIIE LANGUAGE ADAPTER" (820-094-A).

I would love to contribute this ROM's to the community since -and then again, this is a guess since I'm not expert-, I can't find any mention of them on the web, so I'm under the idea that are unusual or at least rare.

Is the process to extract the information to create a ROM file complicated? Is something I could do with no prior experience (I'm not a technician nor a programmer).

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International video/keyboard ROMs

Yes, the Spanish ROMs are still missing. About a year ago I asked around, trying to find the missing video ROMs - which are also important for the use in an emulator. They will also be handy for anyone trying to repair/replace a defect ROM.

Some months ago, someone uploaded the Swedish/Finnish variant of the video/keyboard ROMs - which is cool.

Apart from the Spanish there was also an Italian variant, which is missing. And I guess also a Portuguese variant...


Most ROMs can be found in the following asimov directories:




It's not complicated to download those ROMs. However, it's not possible to do that while the ROMs are installed. You would have to remove them from their sockets, and use a reader (programmer) device to download their content. Just need to be careful to insert them into the reader, and then back into the mainboard with the correct orientation.

The only tricky thing is to have such a reader/programmer. You can search for "TL866II" for a popular device. Fairly cheap Chinese device - yet, if you only want to use it once...


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Spanish ROMs

I recently got ahold of the ROMs from a spanish source, just read them and upload them to Asimov and Archive.org for preservation.


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