Power Mac G4 450 and Power Mac G4 450 DP

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Power Mac G4 450 and Power Mac G4 450 DP

I've come into 2 Power macs, a G4 450 and a G4 450 DP, and was wondering what os I should put on them, and actually which one to hang on to, since they are so close in specs.

I've got some old mac minis, so I don't need another early OSX machine, unless it makes these run better.


So my real question are.


A. Which of the 2 to keep? Does having the second cpu help older games and such?

B. Which OS to put on, OS9 or OSX 10.4?




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The DP is undoubtedly the

The DP is undoubtedly the better CPU card for sure. Even though 450MHz is at the low end for a G4, a pair if them greatly helps prevent as much lockout in OS X when doing high computation load tasks (which unfortunately is most things on a 450MHz CPU!).

Another thing to make sure you check before parting with one of them: Are either of them Gigabit Ethernet models, because I'd definitely keep the system with Gigabit over one with 10/100 even if it means swapping the CPU cards (10 mins and a bit of thermal paste).

As for OS, I usually swing gor 10.4.11 on anything sub 1GHz as it's a much smoother experience, just make sure you have plenty of RAM. I like to fit 1GB for letting Tiger stretch it's paws! OS 9.2.2 might also be good in a 'dual boot' setup as it is very fast on any G4 as a rule, but won't make as good use of tge Dual CPUs.

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