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Hello Everyone,

I am a 14 year old Apple Prototype Collector. I started collecting when I was 12 and since then have grown my collection to include so pretty nice items. I am always on the hunt for any and all prototypes or rare apple items. You can drop me an email at if you know or hear of anything. It would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Collecting!


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Just for the record: while those transparent Macs are certainly very nice and indeed rare, they aren't prototypes. At least not if you take the word "prototype" seriously and not as loose as it is used today way to often. People most likely think they are prototypes because the very first Mac prototype had a similar transparent case. But that was made quick and dirty using acrylic glass, as that was cheap and easy to process by hand.

Anyway, those clear-case units exist for almost all products from Apple between at least 1990 and 1995. They are made for fairs/conventions to show people the insides of a real, working machine (these days, you see production units laser-cut into halves and put in a showcase instead).

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