The resurrection of my Apple ][e

Around 25 yeasr ago (maybe longer) I turned my Apple ][e on and instead of booting I got nothing out of it.  I had a spare power supply so I swaped them over but to no avail.  I put the machine asside to repair and...


So over the weekend I turned it on again.  The power light on the main board briefly flashed and the power supply made a clicking sound.  The power supply when not connected to the main board checks out fine and metering across the power pins on the PCB showed a dead short on the -12v and a suspiciously low resistance betreen Gnd and 5v.  Just above the power connector on the main board are some tantalum capacitors, marked 10uF.  Metering them out, none of them gave any indication of still being a capacitor and the one between Gnd and -12v had failed short.  I've whipped those four off the PCB and as the computer was working fine until the day it wouldn't turn on (almost cretainly due to the failed cap shorting the PSU out) I kept my fingers crossed and powered the board up with the speaker plugged in.  No beep though :-(.  On the bright side, the power light on the keyboard comes on (which didn't earlier).  There are a few more tants on the main board and none of them check out ok, so I have some replacement tantalum capacitors on order.


My B607-0264 main board in its current state.  Note the missing capacitors by the power connector.  All 4 of these tants failed.  There are a few more on the board and so I will replace all of them.