Revival of the 1983 game DINO EGGS

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Revival of the 1983 game DINO EGGS
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Hello, all. I hope this brief promotional post is appropriate here.

Thirty-two years ago, I wrote the game DINO EGGS (Micro Fun, Apple II) in which Time Master Tim travels to prehistoric times to rescue the dinosaurs from extinction.

This summer, I will release a true labor of love -- DINO EGGS: REBIRTH -- a revival and expansion of Dino Eggs written in partnership with Eric Ferrot of Luxembourg, who was ten years old when the original game came out in 1983.

We've worked hard to maintain the authentic platform feel of the original game -- while adding plenty of new features, new boulders, creatures, types of fires, baby dinos and eggs. Also multiplayer. And an extended story featuring both Time Master Tim and his daughter Tamara.

I hope 8-bit game fans will visit our website, or our Facebook page DinoEggsRebirth. Please sign-up on either page to get news of the game's revival.

Just for fun, I will be making available pages of the original 6502 source code, printed on authentic dot-matrix pin-feed perforated paper (!)

Thanks for your time!

-- David H Schroeder