RFI keyboard repair (ITT Snap-Action Array)

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RFI keyboard repair (ITT Snap-Action Array)

I've unfortunately purchased a "slightly" incomplete RFI ketboard (beige backed PCB). It was without encoder, as there are a few new replacement options for those. However it was expected that the keyswitches/snap-action arrays would all be intact. I should have known something was up when I noticed a missing screw (as the plastic thread in the keboard frame directly below was broken apart) when removing the pcb for cleaning.

The space bar is missing the two thin metal parts(the foil and the acutator using naming at the Deskthority wiki) that make up the snap array. The reset key's corresponding array is complete, but not in great shape. pretty sure, with patience, the other arrays will be coaxed into life.


image extract (stolen) from Deskthority

Does anyone have spare snap arrays or know where to contact? I'm in Australia if it helps. These keyboards are apparently infamous for being challenging to restore, a job made much harder without essential parts!