What machines I use & own...

Some sort of self-introduction:

I am collector and active user of strange and sometimes rare computer products. Although focussed on Apple I also own several other machines I am plying around with.

Why am I doing this?

As the internet grows many old informations get lost. I am trying to preserve at least the already collected informations about the machines of my interest. Besides this I am always interested in what I can do with my old computers in modern times.

What "specials" do I own?

Twentieth Anniversary Mac

I am owning three Twentieth Anniversary Macs, one of them (nearly) complete with boxing, one of them just the minimal version (flat back), one of them with smashed LCD as spare part server. I upgraded the complete TAM to 450 MHz G3 running OS 9.2.2 off a CF-card. This one is my iTunes box (iTunes 1.0.1). The second one is run in original state with OS 7.6.1. This machine is some sort of console for my

Apple Network Server 500/132

I have two of them, one is a spare part server (power supply blown off beyond repair). I am using the working unit within the original AIX 4.1.5, upgraded its CPU to 150 MHz, maxed out the RAM to the official 512 MB, placed 4 HDs with 72 GB each into it (still looking for a fifth interface though...) and connected the first "G3-looking" LCD-panel with VGA connector from Apple to it. This project isn't finished as I am still looking for some parts.


Though not "Apple" I would like to mention this one. It's a complete 040 cube running on NeXTstep 3.3 (which I own in original). I love to play "Oxyd" on it but it is also some sort of network bridge to other machines.

Apple Set Top Box

The only not really working unit in my collection.

QuickTake 200

Though not that spectecular I am actually using that one - as webcam connected to my G3-upgraded TAM.

Apple TechStep

Owning 5 modules for it - the sixth was only an "updated" one. It is complete with cabling, boxing and software in original state.

Newton 2100

Not of any real use I will set it up as server some day.

Also in my collection:

Apple //e EuroPlus, Mac Plus (upgraded to 4 MB RAM, with Apple CD-SC, Asante EN/SC SCSI to Ethernet and else), all three Cobalt Qubes, Apple PowerCD (with original boxing & software), white Bandai Pippin (with 32 MB RAM module!), several other parts and stuff....