Wi-Fi Modem and 9600 Baud capability with Fast Terminal

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Wi-Fi Modem and 9600 Baud capability with Fast Terminal
Dear friends,
as promised I have completed the documentation for increasing the speed of the Wi-Fi Modem from 600 to 9600 Baud when used along with the Fast Terminal (https://p-l4b.github.io/terminal/).
Here you can find everything you need: https://p-l4b.github.io/wifi/
You will also find .bin files to re-flash the Modem Card's EEPROM if you have the way to do so. In case you can't I have included in the documentation a small terminal program that you can type in yourself (or auto-tele-type with Fast Terminal!)
Another good news: the GERBER files of the Fast Terminal PCB have been tested (on both connectors) and contain no errors! Yay!
Just keep in mind that if you solder the EDGE connector you won't be able to use the Fast Terminal on the main vertical connector because of the big cap on the way.
This choice was made for two reasons:
  • first: Fast Serial Terminal is of little/no use if it is the only expansion board, it was designed to be connected alone to the horizontal side connector OR to the vertical connector in conjunction (with caution) with some kind of Bus Extender, along with other boards.
  • second: off-setting the connector the size of the board would exceed 100mm in one dimension, which is a "grace" limit to avoid expensive engineering fees by manufacturers.
In all honesty and transparency, I got the most reliable results using the side connector because in this way the BUSes aren't too extended and ringing/crosstalking create less troubles... especially with non-buffered boards like Wi-Fi Modem.
But again, every board and every configuration is different, so results cannot be guaranteed --but at least you can try!
That's all, I guess!
Enjoy! :-)