Xorg/XFree on Darwin 8.0.1 PPC

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Xorg/XFree on Darwin 8.0.1 PPC

Hi everyone,

I'm new here!

I've got an eMac that I have running Darwin 8.0.1. I've tried several times to get Xorg/Xfree to run to get a basic GUI going, however after I build it, there are errors when I try to start it. Maybe I've compiled the wrong version, or installed it wrong... I dunno. Does anyone have any tips on getting a X running on Darwin 8.0.1 PowerPC? Has anyone done it personally? - This is an install of Darwin from a official Darwin ISO from Apple's FTP server. (I.E. not GNU/Darwin; PureDarwin). I just want a basic X setup where I can use TWM as the window manager. But I just can't get X to start after it's compiled. (and compiling it was kinda messy too....) Please help someone!! Smile

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Hi after reading your blog I

Hi after reading your blog I have finally found some knowledge which I was looking for so long for that reason Thanks.

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