Ze PowerSuitcase

by Bernard Bélanger


Just plug in your monitor, keyboard and mouse and enjoy the power of the famous PowerPC Processor. Add a modem and roam the internet. Plug it into your network via Ethernet. Ze PowerSuitcase is here.


Based on a Macintosh Quadra 700 and upgraded to PowerPC with a Sonnet Presto PPC Card (PPC 601 @ 100 MHz), it is fitted in the sturdy metal case of a Smith-Corona Typewriter. It has 20 MB RAM and 2 MB VRAM, supporting millions of colors at up to 832x624). Ze PowerSuitcase is here.

psports psouvertnoir

The holes poked in the side of the case are for the power supply. The port beside it is for video. Below that is a hole for SCSI (not done yet), the Ethernet port, and then Printer port, Modem port, ADB, ADB, Microphone, and Headphone.

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