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middle school

okay, so i am not sure what you may know about this "topic" , but i know quite a lot about it. You could say that i work at a middle school, just in so many words. i am here to tell you that middle school is a living hell for both some of the students, and some of the teachers! have you ever heard the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" , well that quote is having a hard time holding true in middle school.

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This is where you set the tone for your life.

Will you:

-Continue to feel bad letting this person dictate how you view yourself?

-Work within the system to contact an administrator or a parent and let them know what you think is wrong and work to change it?

-Hold the resentment inside, shrug and say thats how it goes, and gain a healthy disrespect for authority, while allowing the problem to go unfixed?

Choose wisely.



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Are you kidding me?

Junior High (Arlington, Tx equivalent of middle school) was fantastic for me!

I had a whole new group of people to beat me up...

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Re: Are you kidding me?

Reverend Darkness wrote:
I had a whole new group of people to beat me up...

Heh...it was similar for me. Probably similar for most of us proto-geeks. Though I never actually got beaten up, just shoved, elbowed, the occasional light tap. The threat was always worse than the actual response.

For me, there was one guy in particular. Picture the bully character from Calvin & Hobbes, or some sort of ork:

"You not like AC/DC! Me hit you with elbow constantly! Ugh!"

I did learn a valuable lesson, though: it takes two to be a victim. Bullies, like all people, are opportunists. Make it less easy for them to bully you by standing up to them, confuse them, or make them laugh, and they tend to look elsewhere. Just never ignore them, or they work harder to get a response.

Granted, where I grew up the stakes were low. The worst you had to worry about was getting a black eye. No one got stabbed or shot despite less gun control back then, and the very baddest of the bad kids only smoked cigarettes.

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Macboard helped me through mi

Macboard helped me through middle school... at the end of each day I always knew there'd be three people (Ha) willing to listen to me online... esp. if it had nothing to with how my day actually went... alas highschool is a step better but you get people stuck in the middle school mindset who become very annoying as time goes on. Not to sound discoraging... You aren't alone... That's all I have learned... surprisingly I'd be willing to bet there are others who have this outlook of yours at your school.

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My brush with greatness

One time in junior high, my arch nemesis (we'll call him Dirk because that was his name and we wouldn't want to confuse him) challenged me to meet him after school to "settle" a disagreement we were having.

Figuring I had nothing to lose at this point, I looked him in the eye and said, "Now what exactly would be the point of doing that? Everyone here can predict the outcome. You'll beat the $#!+ out of me because you're three times my size. And you'll still be wrong."

Well, at least I confused him long enough to escape to a neutral corner.

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Geez, I loved junior high. I

Geez, I loved junior high. It was fun and the work was easy. There will troublemakers and bullies, but none of which would ever bother me. I was one of the taller kids then. Now I'm shorter than most people who I was taller than.

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For me, middle school was abo

For me, middle school was about the worst point in my entire life. Every morning I had to fight with my mom about whether I had to go to school, I hated it so much.

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For some reason, I find this

For some reason, I find this whole post rather creepy.

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Dr. Bob

you are not alone. This thread, and its sequel creep me out as well, and yet I am here posting. I guess I'm like the gator's fan that called the radio station in Big Trouble (highly recommended). But eh. As someone who works at a school as the onsite apple rep, I've grown a rather strong dislike of the student body. Most are whiny, mopy, etc, and it brings thoughts of the "When I was your age ..." stories. I never thought I'd end up this. Arghhh!

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Re: Dr. Bob

iantm wrote:
it brings thoughts of the "When I was your age ..." stories. I never thought I'd end up this.

You're becoming an old fart like me :). My wife points out the number of times I've said "I remember when this was all fields."

PowerBook G4 15" 1.5 ghz 1gb/80/SD "Ace Rimmer"

Smoke me a kipper! Nice to see another Dwarfer.

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