It's amazing

I have had my PC for about 2 yrs now, and have installed a multitude of crap on it and OS's. What really picks at my brain. How do people have so many problems with iTunes under winblows? I have used itunes with 2k, XP, XP SP1, XP SP2, and so forth. I have not had 1 (One) Problem with itunes! I am wondering what in the heck people are doing that causes their iTunes to not work properly on their machines? All my friends have had problems, and I end up trying to fix them. I am just clueless how people with an average PC that does almost nothing browsing email and the web get these "Symptoms" of not having iTunes work on it

Of all people to have the problems, it should be me! I have screwed with my PC over and over and I should be the ones with the problems! But no matter how much I do to my PC, it doesn't do a thing. I just have to wonder what people HAVE to do with their pc to fsck them up that bad?


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I've used various versions of iTunes for Windows under 2k and XP on both Intel and AMD architectures, and the only real problem I've ever had is that it'll start slow in low-RAM (>= 256MB) enviornments. As far as being picky or behaving strangely, nothing. But then again, I don't use it regularly when in Windows, so perhaps I have not gotten a grasp for a "worn in" copy.

iTunes though, is a mass-consumer product. The average Windows consumer probably doesn't know what's inside their computer, and calls their respective OEM company every time the computer does something they can't explain. Viruses and Spyware are above their heads. It's likely something else causing problems, and it's taking down not only iTunes, but everything else as well. Who knows.