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Personal Venture in the Forum Industry

Oh the woes of running a forum...

I never thought of myself as a manager...

I have been looking for a steady job for some time, and since I am not up on certification, I can't really get a job in the computer area right now. Although, i have managed my homebrew business, I have not been getting much business, as on occasions, some of my clients move (no one wants to be in this city) or I have not been able to advertise as much, and am probably not totally sure how to run a company right to get people.

Got a new Record player

I got a new record player yesterday, and I can't say how much I missed my last one.  I got a denon Model 300-F turntable with computerized speed control.  I can't believe how good the audio is compared to my last one (Then again, i spent $$400 with it (Came with an extra stylus))  I *love* the warmth of a record.  For some reason, CDs are so sterile, and while they may be good as far as audio quality, nothing takes you back in time like a vinyl record.  When I was younger, my mom and dad (when they were still married) used to dance the a Harry Nilsson Record (Albumn name "Harry") and you ca


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