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From AIO to minitower. The body switch identity crisis

My AIO is having an identity crisis, and has decided to go thru a body change operation. As you have seen, i have been buying parts for a G3 minitower Project. So far, i have on order is a Tower, and a Bezel and Wings card for a desktop. I received my MUCH needed DB15 to HD15 adapter today in the mail. For only $6.53 USD Shipped off of eBay.

Fsck'n hackers

Pweb was hit again by that (removed) Hacker. I have posted before about MacForum going down, but this time he went too far. And he shut down Macforums for good. The account got deleted, and everytime we redid the database throughout this whole time, he kept finding a way to get in. This last time, it was DDoS's and shut down not only the SQL system, but is burning up the servers (overheating from the DDoS's) and cause our forum system to get banned. There is no telling what I WANT to do to that person. I certainly would go as far as torture.


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