Installing win98se on a 1gig USB flash drive


2.0Ghz (2800+) AMD Sempron
512MB Ram
4Gig HDD
Kingston DTI/1GB USB Flash with USB 2.0 Speeds


Norton Ghost 2003
Windows 98SE stripped with a few essential programs
all the drivers installed (including USB 2.0 Drivers

here goes: will update as it goes then post pics when done


i imagine it will install but be slow at boot up, regardless of USB 2.0, ive tried to boot from external devices before and sometimes it just doesnt move very fast or at all. i think the last time i tried to boot XP from an external, it just kept restarting itself. who knows, you may have better luck then me Smile

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I suspect really bad things will happen when Windows 98 quits using the BIOS hard drive emulation and loads its own native disk driver, but... it could be entertaining either way.


coius's picture has gotten me as far as getting the flash drive to mount under the C:\ drive number. I have been able to make it a fixed disk, which I will hopefully be able to install windows on it and it *should* remain AS a C: drive. Hopefully... I am doing the windows install right now. Cross your fingers. Biggrin

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that didn't work. But I have 1 more idea

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run windows 98 from a floppy? I mean, if you could make the files fit on a floppy for the whole system, would it be possible to boot windows from a floppy. Say... a 1GB Floppy type drive. The problem I am having is not if win98 will recognize it, it's the thing that my system only wants to see the flash drive AS an A:\ drive. If I can modify the files as I go, i *might* be able to run it from the A:\ drive (which my USB Flash drive mounts at by system default)

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yea on a pc go into the bios and set it to boot first off the A: drive then the C: drive and then the cd rom or just A: and then c: but just make shure to set it to look on the A: drive first to start from Its called boot order it might be called diffrent on your pc.

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as far as starting, it's just when it uses the flash drive, it makes it the a:\ drive. Which means, if I was to throw windows on it, i would have to make it refer to the a:\ drive in every config file.
And I almost got it, 'cept the windows got screwed up by my damn lan drivers. I can't get windows to boot. I hate my driver disk, it does it every time

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Have you looked through instructions on getting '98 running on a bootable CD?
You might be able to apply this to using the flash drive instead of a CD.

Also found this as well, which is more what you're trying to do.

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the first link is what I am following. That's why I am wondering if it will boot on an Angel drive seeing as what might happen if it goes to look for the floppy, it might freeze. Like writing to the a: drive. Well, i am not going to quit till I get it running Wink

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almost, i started getting windows to load, but then had a registry problem. I am currently looking into it now