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I have been working on a website for the last week with a new ISP Server ( and also been contributing to the forum Recently we have had a bot run thru the system and destroy *almost* every site that was on the server. This means that the macforums site AND most of everyone else (including pweb's OWN forums) sites had their PHP MySQL Databases erased. Most people did not have backups, or if they did on the server that they used for their site, it was wiped too.

upload of MacTestPro to my personal server

the link will be (Link Removed)

If it doesn't work, PM me.

What this is:

this is a utility for any computer that boots to OS 9 to check things like pixels, and to check general hardware. I got it in my last iBook that apple sent back to me after they repaired it. I am hosting it on my own site so if something happens, it will be my problem if someone has a beef about it. Let me know. Give the file about 30 mins to upload from this post. I kinda have a slow connection


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