Installing 10.4 on a Beige G3 AIO

I am now starting the attempt to install OS 10.4 onto a Beige G3 AIO that everyone is familiar with on the forums. I have received on Monday, December 5th, a new PRAM and VRAM Module from macsane (thank-you) The setup goes as follows:
G3 AIO System Bus running at 83.3Mhz
458MHz CPU (Clocked from the 300 that it arrived at.
Rev. 2 Board, and Rev. C ROM
USB 2.0 Belkin Card
LG DVD-Rom Drive
4GB (Original HDD) for Classic
256MB Ram
OS X.4 Install DVD
15" Internal CRT

Right now, it is installing Base System 1

The thing is surprisingly Zippy for OS X (I had 10.3 on it) And is going pretty fast. I can drag the Windows in the installer around and it actually keeps up! The DVD-Rom is 16x and both the HDD's and DVD drives are on 33MB's IDE Chain. The DVD and the 4GB HDD are on the secondary Chain. All the Cables for the IDE have been replaced by 80-wire UATA Cables to provide maximum data transfer with the only Bottle necks at eh drives and the MLB. I will keep you posted


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This is using XPostFacto 4 with the same settings that I used for setting up 10.3

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and it runs MUCH smoother than 10.3. for one thing, it loads to the desktop in less than 45 Seconds (I use verbose mode, which probably cuts down on the Graphics Crunching it normally does.) the finder is very responsive. I had a problem in which the machine was sometimes not starting up, but I clocked it from the 458Mhz to 400MHz. It is still fast, and plays DVD's perfectly.

So that sums that up....