for people who hate scammers

just a few links for people that want to get back at all those 419 scammers
this link will let you get back at all those spam emailers that want to take your money:

Artists Against 419er's
(Link removed - Google if you must)

you can do the Mugu Marauder:
(Link Removed)
which is a PC app that continually downloads images from fake banks.

there is also a web refresher that will load links in your web browser
This is the link:

(Link Removed)

both of these links are bandwith intensive, and are ONLY recommended if you have unlimited bandwith. These will download large images from the servers of fake banks, and will do it over and over till they show errors. If they pay by the Bytes downloaded, it will give them one hell of a bill. Right now, I am pulling 800KB's+ at a time with my 4 computers

It's best to bookmark the lad vampire and run it when you are away.

Too bad I didn't have a machine sitting around that would do this only...


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I've removed the links in this entry.

Though it's understandable, and even can be considered a 'good cause' to get back at the scammers, DDOS attacks take it a bit far.

You're harming more than just the scammers by doing this, unless you think that they have their own dedicated data centers.


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is really the only ways you can get them shut down. Considering this these are mostly in a country where not even the government has scruples. I figure that this is the only way to shut down the sites before they even get a chance to start. If you take a look at the info page, it says the banks have to be registered in the countries they are located
these are not registered, and never will be, because the countries do not check into it. Mostly, it takes away the bandwith of the scammers for the month and then give it back. It is harder for the scammers to get away with the stuff they pull. I don't see why taking them out before they get full steam and end up causing real harm. And most of the time, these people actually put out enough $ to put up their own dedicated servers, as they can get away with it easier. We just want to put them out of business, by dwindling the money they have to do these shinanigans. I have no idea why people are letting them get away with this

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Most of these people are running phishing sites off of others people's hosting accounts, where they've obtained the password. If you want to shut them down, contact the hosting provider. If the hosting provider is endorsing it, contact the people they buy their connections from. Etc.

Vigilante action is a bad way to go. My opinion.

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While I'm busy preaching:

If you do want to harm 419'ers, spend some time stringing them along when they try to scam you. TIme is quite valuable, and nobody who just happens to be in the same co-lo gets affected.

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I was very amused to see that one man was so intent on getting money from the "Church of the Milk, The Fish, and The Cheese" that he posed for pictures for the "Church Council" of himself holding a container of milk and a wheel of cheese with the fish balance on his head and pictures of him craddling the fish like a baby and even kissing the fish on the mouth (it was some kind of large mackrel BTW). The man sent photos like this for almost a month to someone and of course, they all made it to

It would be so cool to get a scammer to try to convince the "Council of Macintosh Owners" or the "Cult of Jobs" that he is worthy by having him pose with pictures of a new Mac, or having him produce a 'hacked mac'.

Or you could just get him to take pictures of himself holding up signs of letters and/or homonyms to make messages, like "EYE SOFA KING WEE TODD DID".

Get pics and post them here.